Is Storing Data Cloud-Safe?


Is Data Storage Cloud-Safe?


How safe is your data cloud?

Using cloud data storage systems, that are dedicated to that purpose, is far safer than doing it yourself with on-site methods.
These systems are far more sophisticated and advanced than any other methods available to most folks.

Remember, this technology is still reliant upon hardware. 

And hardware can break down and become obsolete.  That’s where commercial systems have the advantage.  Yep, they also break down too,  but the resources to keep these systems running are engineered and designed to keep up with the responsibility of staying online 24/7, never stopping and always being available.

Any personal system available today is not only insular but it is also vulnerable to attacks, damage, loss and failure.  Plus, they are expensive compared to the prices charged to “rent” space on these commercial storage systems A.K.A. “The Cloud”.

Things will change, but bringing back individual hardware methods which store “all” information in one place will no longer be necessary.  Remember DVD’s, Jump Drives, etc.  They don’t make CD’s anymore.  We don’t need them.


Google has a great free storage system!

We are all like Barney Google
with those “goo-goo-googly eyes”.

But,  you still need to consider that your information is stored in “the google cloud”
and accessible to you as long as google doesn’t discontinue your account! 

Yep, it happens, and you can loose access to all of your stored data.
The service is free but what a price you pay if you loose all control of your stuff.


This is where commercial cloud storage systems excel.

You may pay a price, but you gain control of your data because you rent or own your storage area.  And there is less of a chance that your data storage will be discontinued without warning or you having recourse to regaining it.

Daa dat, da…da!

6 thoughts on “Is Storing Data Cloud-Safe?

  1. You have certainly offered some interesting information. I found your article well-laid-out and easy to read. I currently don’t use the cloud system on this computer, and am wondering if perhaps I should use it. I’ll have to keep an eye on your site and see what I can learn. Thanks!

    1. Hi Fran,

      Thanks for your feed back sorry if my response is a bit late. Just noticed your comment as I was jumping to the next WA training session. Really have gotten so much great information from them.

      Your input is very meaningful to me. Navigation is a major issue and of course so isn’t content. I hope you will continue to use my site and share it as well. I want to keep updating because the internet is changing everything and fast. Any suggestions at anytime will be appreciated. Stay in touch.

  2. Hi Melvin, Nice article mate. Cloud storage is so convenient that sometimes people forget that it can malfunction and you can lose your data. Very unlikely that a company like Google will disappear but its always something that needs to be considered. Thanks

    1. Hi Marvin,

      Thanks for the compliment and feedback, and I do agree.
      Sorry for the late response, but I have been so involved with the great features in WA that I got a bit side tracked.
      Please keep in touch.

  3. That’s exactly what I’m thinking about cloud storage. For sensitive data, I usually do not store in on the cloud or anywhere online. I prefer to memorize the most important password, and I only store documents in places like Dropbox.

    I’m not a technical person, so I’m afraid of storing things on the cloud because if something went wrong, I’m sure I do not know how to fix it. I still prefer external hard drives and I store most of my stuff and courses in it.

    1. Hi Frosteer, Glad to get your input.

      I agree, I avoid storing my sensitive data online also.
      However, I have to accept that most of my data (sensitive or otherwise) is already out there.
      Banking, medical, personal, etc. activities and transactions are constantly being gathered and exposed online and I doubt things will change soon.

      So, I decided to use caution and to be careful about what I store online and with whom.
      I trust that these major storage systems are more sophisticated, more durable and safer than the methods I could come up with at home.
      Anything I would store at home is susceptible to loss or damage. And that is why I back my data up on a cloud system that I trust.

      Thanks again for your input.

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