iPhone Video and Image Backup

Another Way to do iPhone Video and Image Backup.

I have used iPhones for a long time and although I’m not a photographer, I have saved a whole lot of videos and pictures.
So storage and management became an issue rather fast and caught me off-guard.

This method resolves my storage and data access problems

Now I know that I can save my iPhone images and videos with iCloud and iTunes but I find them to be cumbersome and confusing.  And I really want something that is simpler to use.

So, I started using a system called Backup & Share for less than $15 / month.  Yep sounds like a lot but there’s more to it!
You also get a system called GotBackup which has unlimited storage space.  And you can transfer files between the two systems.  Get it?   Manage all of your images and videos from your Backup & Share account and transfer them to your Got Backup storage system.   BTW, you can do this with any files

I’m going to share this method soon (with a video) but for now, here’s what I do:

  • I have an account with  Backup & Share.
  • I use a free app called Open Access or My Open Access (depending upon the IOS system).
  • I save all videos and images on my iPhone to my pictures and video albums (on my iPhone).
  • Then I access my Backup & Share account using Open Access on my iPhone.
  • I select “Mobile Backup” on the app and my images and videos get backed up immediately to my personal cloud.
  • Then I can access my cloud saved images & videos anytime from my iPhone
    and delete them from my iPhone to free up space.
  • I don’t need to use my computer to do this!

If you would like to try this system also, contact the company…GotBackup.
You will want to use Backup & Share (not to be confused with GotBackup).

At GotBackup, Customer Support is very good and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact them.  Also, you can stop at any time, no long term contracts with them.






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