“The cloud” is taking over. And we need to understand what it is.

You’ll find that you can have your own affordable “private cloud” where you are in control.

If you have ever lost precious memories and data, you know the answer. Now is the time. We’ll look at what to backup and where.

Where, how and what should you backup?

A good backup system starts with a good plan. Remember the Dewey Decimal System? That’s what Libraries use.

Create a simple method for yourself and separate your treasures and don’t save junk.

Avoid backup systems that are too complex. They’ll have “holes” in them where your data can get lost.

Too many redundancy methods can become confusing and cause difficulty as you recover data and files.

Although “The Cloud” is the backup method of choice today, remember…TRUST IS THE ISSUE!

Even the major internet players offer free backup of your data, but what happens if your account is canceled?

How would you retrieve your information and where would you store it?

This is the cloud, it’s sophisticated and it is hardware. It’s powerful and it is important. But it is owned by someone else. Even if you had the ability to own such a system, it would be costly and it would require work beyond what most folks would be willing to manage.

So let’s become knowledgeable about how to manage our “stuff” in the new world.

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is on it’s way and we don’t want to take the chance that our “stuff” could be taken away without our input.

Do we?