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Private Cloud Backup Solutions

I chose to backup my data in the cloud. And I’m glad I did!


The answer is quite obvious, after important or treasured files are lost or destroyed!

Ever experience that sickening moment when you realize that incredibly important information is gone or lost and you will never ever get it back?

“Why didn’t I back up (whatever it was)?”   But, sadly, it’s too late!

That’s when the need to back up becomes crystal clear and we get serious enough to take action.
“But what action should I take?”
We are going to look at that next.


Backing up your data concerns:

Perhaps these thoughts are going through your mind.
(And it would be normal to think about them.
After all, there is a lot of noise and confusion surrounding this issue.)

    • I would backup my data, but how?
    • What is the best method to use?
    • There are so many ways but what is the safest method for me to use?
    • How difficult will it be to retrieve my information?
    • What about the cost?
    • This could get very expensive!

      Yep, cost is another important item to consider when looking for a place to safely store your data.
      We’ll examine some options that deal with these concerns.
      But in the meantime…

Own your own piece of “the cloud” with your own personalized online data backup storage system.

Have You Considered Private Cloud Backup Solutions?

How about having your own online backup service for these few reasons:

  1. a secure business cloud backup for small businesses
  2. instead of iCloud backup use your own “iPhone” cloud backup system
  3. having a simple answer to this question, “How do I backup my iPhone?”
  4. having a standard cloud backup, recovery method for multiple devices
  5. having unlimited online data storage without buying more physical gadgets
  6. an alternative to other insecure cloud storage methods
  7. have expert technical support and greater security

Here’s a secure method that I use for less than $15 per month. Check it out.

(Unlimited backups.  Why pay for additional storage space for your pictures, videos and music or any other data files you want to save when you have unlimited backups?)


Cloud Storage comes down to…TRUST
Avoid becoming an “e-Sheep“!
Know where you data is being stored.


Backing up your data is important but it has generated a huge new digital business called data mining!

Data mining is important for elite players who capture as much information as possible about everything, especially us.
Then they sell it.
Yep, and the information they sell, they get from us, for free.  Baa, baa, baa!

We are treated like “e-Sheep” constantly being sheared of our information which is sold for business and other reasons.
And we don’t get paid anything for it!
However, those who do profit from the sale, make a lot of money from data they get from us for free.

So, how do they get our information?
They take it.  Because, we aren’t aware of what is going on.

This data is stored in specially built facilities that are impervious to damage from extreme events such as war and natural disasters.   The data is stored in different locations (for redundancy) so that if one storage area is destroyed, the same information is available in other areas throughout the world.

How Do I Retrieve My Data Once I Have Chosen A Storage Method?

Storing your information correctly begins before you start backing it up.

More on the Got Backup system.

Consider how libraries organize content.
Remember the Dewey Decimal System?

Without a filing system, libraries will be inefficient.
And that’s where you should start.

Be selective about what you intend to keep first.
You will want to separate meaningful materials from the worthless files and junk.

Next, create a filing system.
Develop a method yourself or do a little research for a system that will meet your needs.
Don’t get too complex.


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These are not “Cloud” based systems. These are personal stand alone methods that you maintain. Powerful but expensive for the average user. Cloud based systems offer even higher quality and sophistication for you.

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